I’m just finally getting things in place here at ScottStauffer.com. My stale content existed at ScottStauffer.CA for the longest time. I’ll endeavour to give this site a bit more love. I will post on Data Community stuff, Microsoft Data Platform technologies like Power BI, and more broadly on Microsoft Fabric. As I speak at conferences, SQL/Data Saturdays, or Local User Groups, I will endeavour to post on my adventures, lessons learned, in addition to provide resource link to my presentations.

But that’s not all… If you haven’t seen or spoken with me for a while, you might not know that I have a new passion. Service Dogs.

On March 23, 2019, according to my Netflix viewing history, I watched “Pick of the Litter”. This award winning documentary film kicked off a reality TV series in the US and in the UK, apparently. But, most importantly, it had a significant impact on me and my future. I thought a lot about the how the documentary made me feel and what an impact volunteering could have in someone else’s life, but also the the love and joy of raising a puppy. I finally called BC and Alberta Guide Dogs on June 1st 2020.

"The Pick of the Litter: A Dog-umentary" is the title at the top with four 8 week old puppies sitting side by side looking incredibly adorable.  One wears a jacket reading "Guide Dog Puppy" with the Guide dogs dot com website address underneath.

I was able to observe some puppy classes conducted over Zoom – as you will recall we were all facing a global pandemic at the time. My wife and I were interviewed and on October 23rd 2020, we took Annie home with us and began her foundational training.

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